Best Boxed Chocolates

If you love boxed chocolates and are looking for yourself a big treat, you will feel it a pity to miss the page I am introducing to you.

The boxed chocolates shown here come in various shapes and flavors, so that no matter what kind of boxed chocolates you prefer, it is for sure that you can find the one you love most.

Come on. Go for it.

Top Boxed Chocolates

Philadelphia Candies Assorted Milk Boxed Chocolates
Philadelphia Candies

Our signature assortment of classic chocolates. Each piece is made-from-scratch using the finest ingredients available. Enjoy rich creams, fruits, nuts, caramels, nougats and meltaways.

Napa Valley Wine Boxed Chocolates (15-Piece Box)

The Perfect Pairing-Wine & Chocolate!
At Choclatique we believe that chocolate goes well with just about anything, but most assuredly, it does go very well with wine.

Scott's Cakes Chocolate Covered Pretzals 1 lb. Bag
Scott’s Cakes

Our Chocolate Covered Pretzels are mini pretzels covered with our rich chocolate.

Scott's Cakes Milk Chocolate Pecan Bark in a 1 Pound Daisy Box
Scott’s Cakes

Our Pecan Bark is handmade with our delicious chocolate, that is slowly melted and then smothered in our quality georgia pecans. You have your choice of many box styles for any occasion.

Scott's Cakes Dark Chocolate Covered Marshmallows in a 1 Pound Balloon Bag
Scott’s Cakes

We take Whole Plump Marshmallows and double dip it in our rich chocolates.

Philadelphia Candies Assorted Dark Boxed Chocolates
Philadelphia Candies

Think all dark chocolate is created the same? We think you’ll agree to disagree when you try Philadelphia Candies’ signature assortment of classic dark chocolates.

See's Candies 1 lb. Chocolate & Variety
See’s Candies

Decisions, decisions. Happily, it’s all delicious. Choose from our most popular soft centers, crunchy nuts and smooth caramels wrapped in milk, dark and white chocolate.

Product Reviews
  • “She said they were very fresh and the chocolate was excellent.” – Puddin Pop
  • “Was a gift for my Uncle who LOVES See’s candies.” – AmazonJennz
  • “You will not go wrong with this company!” – Lectio Veritas

32pc Assorted Milk and Dark Chocolates Certified Kosher-dairy
Lang’s Chocolates

This assortment box brings together many flavors allowing you to taste a wide variety of confectionery delights. Box flavors come in both milk and dark chocolate and include Caramel, Crisp, Peanut Butter Cup, Peanut Cluster, Raisin Cluster, Raspberry Cream, Solid, and Strawberry Cream.

KIRKLAND Signature PREMIUM CHOCOLATES of the WORLD ASSORTMENT JAR NET WT 2 Lb (907 g) (From Italy Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Canada and Belgium)
Kirkland Signature

KIRKLAND Signature PREMIUM CHOCOLATES of the WORLD ASSORTMENT JAR NET WT 2 Lb (907 g) (From Italy, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Canada and Belgium) Premium Quality Milk and Dark Chocolates from Italy Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Canada and Belgium in container Jar from Kirkland Signature brand you can trust.

Product Comparisons
  • “A great selection of chocolates from all over the world.” – CL492
  • “I was very surprised and pleased when I tasted this candy.” – Cheryl Kellogg
  • “I gave it to him early and he LOVES it.” – whit

Solid Milk Chocolate Unique Novelty Gift Boxed Kiss My Ass & Heart for Adults
Shopitivity LLC

Valentine’s Day Gift Solid Milk Chocolate unique novelty gourmet candy gift boxed Kiss My Ass & Lip shaped red foiled solid Milk chocolate

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