Chocolate Covered Cherries

Good news. From this moment on, you don’t have to wide through that much information to choose a chocolate covered cherries you like from mountains of chocolate covered cherries.

We listed the most recommended chocolate covered cherries ranked by the buyers. They all have a great popularity among people.

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Best Selling Chocolate Covered Cherries

Cella's Milk Chocolate Covered Cherries, 72-Count Box

Cella’s Milk Chocolate Covered Cherries are 1¼ inches in diameter in milk chocolate. Selected cherries are surrounded by a delicious 100% clear liquid then encased in real milk chocolate.

Chocolate Covered Cherries Reviews
  • “Somehow the liquid filling either evaporated are just dried up as there is no sticky evidence of leaking in the box.” – Robert Jones
  • “I am picky on the quality of my chocolate and also the cherries, and I have never been disappointed in Cella’s.” – N. Schweitzer
  • “It was of course melted due to the excessive summer heat.” – Judith Garza

Asbach Uralt Brandy Filled Chocolate Cordial Cherries in Large Gift Box - 200g/7.1oz
Asbach Uralt

Each of these 8 chocolates (100g) contain a ripe, full bodied cherry, marinated in Asbach Brandy and enveloped in dark chocolate. These chocolates have no sugar crust.

Cella's Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries - 72 Pack

Cella Dark Chocolate Liquid Cntr Chry – 72 Pack

Red Milk Chocolate Cherries (1 Pound)

These delicious treats are made with dried cherries covered in creamy milk chocolate and finished with cherry-colored and flavored white chocolate.

Next Organic Cherries Dark Chocolate Covered, 4-Ounce (Pack of 3)
Next Organics

Next Organic Cherries Dark Chocolate Covered, 4-Ounce (Pack of 3)

Mon Cheri Liquor Filled Chocolate Covered Cherries 30 count
Mon Cheri

Mon Cheri Liquor Filled Chocolate Covered Cherries 30 count – shipped in two 15 count boxes.

Product Ratings
  • “German made in Frankfurt, they are even better than the legendary Asbach Uralt Brandy Filled Chocolate Cordial Cherries.” – M. Culver
  • “Now I give them as gifts every year, including one box to myself.” – dalvera
  • “And finally, the chocolate, cherry and Kirsch all mix into this wonderful burst of flavor.” – Dineen A. Miller

Philadelphia Candies Milk Chocolate Covered Fruits (Apricots, Cherries, Dates, Pineapple) and Nuts Gift Box
Philadelphia Candies

Enjoy a broad variety of homemade fruits and nuts in this delicious assortment, dipped in Philadelphia Candies milk chocolate. Each gift box contains 4 dates, 3 apricot wedges, 4 pineapple wedges, 4 cherries, 2 pecanettes, and a variety of chocolate covered nuts.

Bissinger's Chocolate-Covered Cherries
Bissinger’s Handcrafted Chocolatier

Crafted with premium, hand-selected dried cherries, and a pan-applied coating of smooth, silky chocolate

Asbach Brandy Filled Chocolate Cherries in Gift Box, 3.5 Ounce
Asbach Uralt

Famous Asbach brandy and a scrumptious cherry surrounded by savory dark chocolate. Recognized by connoisseurs to be the ultimate in liquor-filled chocolates and the perfect gift for them also.

Buyers Guide
  • “These are the best brandy cordial.” – Anna Low
  • “Kind of pricy, for sure, but for a special treat very good.” – Mountain Momma
  • “If you like chocolate and cherries, you will love this.” – steve

Asbach Uralt Brandy Filled Cordial Cherries in Counter Unit
Asbach Uralt

This counter display features 50 spirited and ripe full-bodied cherries marinated in Asbach Brandy and covered in a rich dark chocolate. These delights do not contain the sugar crust.

Buying Guides
  • “The nice quality dark chocolate shell is filled with a single lightly candied cherry, macerated in Asbach Uralt brandy.” – S. Bardfield
  • “Wonderful gift, or just to have around the house..” – BabyBoomer55
  • “They’re seasonal so buy them when available.” – Ted W

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